Request Collaboration

From time to time Heart of Chaos collaborates with individuals and other organizations to put on art exhibits and events.  At this time we do not have a facility of our own so a venue is the biggest hurdle we face.  If you have a venue you can secure/provide, and feel a collaboration would be mutually beneficial to yourself and Heart of Chaos, please fill out the application below. Heart of Chaos’ role in any collaboration will vary by case.  In the past we have provided assistance with marketing the event to our large mailing list and social networks, assistance in recruiting artist participation and refreshment sales at reception (with proceeds benefiting Heart of Chaos).  Ultimately our goal is to accumulate funding to secure a facility of our own.


If you are having trouble submitting this form please make sure all fields have been filled out as most are required.

Note: Heart of Chaos requests a 15% commission from any sales resulting from an exhibit/event collaboration.  Requests for collaboration will be reviewed once a month by the Board of Directors.  You will receive a response via the e-mail provided on your application with status of your request.  A formal contract will be drafted if proposed collaboration is accepted. Heart of Chaos reserves the right to decline any proposed collaboration at any time for any reason deemed fit by the Board of Directors. 


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