Gilberto Flores


Title: Listening
Medium: Bronze
Price: $9,500

gilberto-floresARTIST SEED:
What captivated me as a young child to do art was an interest in auto racing.

This inspired me to want to draw race cars, beginning in the third grade.  The source of my creative endeavors is a deep desire to build and make interesting, beautiful things, using my mind and hands.

The seed that propelled me to use materials of the world was a fascination what ancient artists used to create art long ago…bronze, stone, clay, and paint to depict various images.

The ugliness that compelled me to create was the exploitation of the various peoples of the planet. This compelled me to create some portraits of the American Indian, to depict the faces of a proud people who once lived in harmony with nature for thousands of years, in the hope that all mankind can learn to do the same, using their knowledge and wisdom to go back to living with nature again forevermore.

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