Erica Atreya


Title: Beyond Trigger Points
Medium: Mixed Media
Price: $400.00

erica-atreyaARTIST SEED:
I have been drawing since a young age as many children do, however my mother always saw something in my art; Something unique. Unfortunately even with my mother’s encouragement I gave up art for most of my young life. I didn’t get back into art till I had to move back in with my parents in my early 20’s, that is when my creativity was sparked again by my mother. My mother loved the escape of creating art; you could always find us in the evening hours in my mother’s room where I and mother would sit on her double bed with coffees in hand sketchpads on laps and a big pile of colored pencils between us. I worked as a waitress most of my young life and then got into resident apartment management later in my mid 20’s both careers came to an end 3 years ago since my disability has worsened. I suffer from Fibromyalgia a very misunderstood and under researched disease. One of the worst parts of my condition for an artist is that My condition causes extreme swelling when pressure is put on any part of my body (Pain and swelling in hands) creating art is and has been painful and difficult for me, but it does not and will not stop me. My hope is to use my art to educate, enlighten, and share the human experience; to reflect the suffering of those afflicted with disease, disability, and mental pain; while reflecting the mysterious beauty of Mother Nature.

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