John Cloud


Someday John Cloud would like to paint a mural on the walls of a famous architectural structure, such as the Empire State Building.  Int he meanwhile, he can be rightfully content with that he has accomplished so far as an artist.  From his comic and graphic novels, to his many murals like the one at Redwood City’s City Hall, to all the portraits and commissions people have hired him to paint, Cloud’s work is a testimony to his reputation as a skilled artist in the Bay Area.  Recently his work was put on display at the Artes de Americas museum in Fresno, California.

“What I love sharing in my art is my heritage – I am Italian, Irish, Native American and Spanish.  So I try to mix all my cultures into my art and share it with other people,” Cloud says.

Crafting lively images of skulls and skeletons is something Cloud is known for.  His portrayal of the dead is a nod to his Latin ancestry.  According to Cloud, calaveras art, or artwork depicting skulls and lost loved ones, can come with a message of optimism.  When creating this style of art, Cloud’s goal is to summon life with death.

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Phone: (650) 387-4210

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